Sewerage & Drainage Pipes in Darwin

High-Quality Polyethylene Pipes

Every piping situation is unique. That’s why, at Polyfabrications Australia, we design and manufacture poly pipe products to suit your unique needs. Our skilled team specialise in providing custom heavy-duty polyethylene pipes for the commercial plumbing, agricultural and water/sewer industries throughout the Northern Territory. Our poly pipes do not rust, de-laminate or wear off. We fabricate products that are durable and long-lasting.

Poly pipes offer numerous advantages for above and below ground installations due to its material benefits relative to iron, steel and cement pipe. Not only that, prefabricated polyethylene pipes are a very durable and cost-effective solution for pipeline construction, especially when dealing with a tight and complicated site.

Our PE pipes are affordable and easy to install. They are lightweight and come in long lengths, making them ideal for water, irrigation, sewerage and drainage applications. Get in touch with Polyfabrications Australia in Darwin today for a free quote.

HDPE Pipe — Poly & Steel Fabrications in Berrimah. NT

PE Pipe Applications

Our civil and water PE pipe applications include: